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Why Maintaining Motorcycle Insurance Year-Round Is Important March 19, 2018

New London, New London
Why Maintaining Motorcycle Insurance Year-Round Is Important, New London, Connecticut

In certain areas of the country, like New England, the intense weather changes from late fall to early spring result in most motorcycles being stored for nearly half of the year. If you're only able to ride for a portion of the year, you may be tempted to cancel your motorcycle insurance during the down season. However, this decision can result in severe penalties if an unexpected event occurs. Take a closer look at why year-round coverage is vital. 

3 Compelling Reasons to Maintain Your Motorcycle Insurance All Year

1. Liability

Even if you're not riding your motorcycle, it doesn't mean you can't be held liable for associated issues. For instance, if the bike falls over on a visitor or neighbor, you could be held responsible for their medical bills and lost wages associated with their injury. These expenses can quickly add up, and without motorcycle insurance, you'll be forced to cover the costs out of pocket.

2. Theft

motorcycle insuranceAnother potentially costly issue is theft. Unfortunately, poor weather doesn't ward off thieves, so your bike can be at risk all year. The comprehensive coverage aspect of motorcycle insurance is designed to cover the cost of a stolen vehicle, but if you allow your policy to lapse, you'll pay the full cost of replacing the bike.

3. Weather-Related Damage

Just because your motorcycle is parked doesn't mean it's safe from Connecticut's winter weather. Ice, snow, heavy rainfall, and severe winds can easily cause damage to your bike. As long as your insurance coverage is in place, you can file a claim to cover the costs of repairs and part replacements.


Carrying motorcycle insurance all year can help you avoid an unexpected financial burden, but it's important that you choose the right policy. The team at Action Auto Insurance Agency in New London, CT, is known throughout the area for their personalized approach to coverage. From car and home to business and renters, you can expect superior service every step of the way. Request your motorcycle or car insurance quote by calling (860) 444-7224 or by visiting them online.

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