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3 Exciting Kitchen Design Trends for 2018 April 3, 2018

Marlboro, Monmouth County
3 Exciting Kitchen Design Trends for 2018, Marlboro, New Jersey

Remodeling your kitchen is an exciting time, especially for first-time homeowners. But, choosing a design scheme isn’t always a breeze, so it’s helpful to get those creative juices flowing by taking a look at a few of the leading kitchen design trends for the coming year. Here, you’ll find a few inventive ideas to inspire you to create your new kitchen layout. 

Top 3 Kitchen Design Trends

1. Disappearing Vent Hoods 

As one of the more unique kitchen design trends emerging this year, disappearing vent hoods improve the appearance of a space, and they’re a funky optical illusion. You can incorporate a disappearing vent hood into your design scheme by covering it with matching tiles or other materials used for your oven or stove backsplash.

2. Herringbone Floors 

kitchen-designIf you’re considering installing hardwood floors in your kitchen, incorporate herringbone floors into your design to give it a bit of European flair. This elegant flooring style provides a historic style that makes your kitchen stand out. You can also add an extra finish to it to make it look more aged than it is, giving the appearance of years of wear.

3. Smart Kitchens 

Smart technology is present in nearly every type of household nowadays, at least in some form; so, why not add it to your kitchen? Adding a bit of smart technology to your kitchen design can make it more efficient as well as fun to use. Consider installing motion-activated kitchen sinks that turn on when you placed your hand beneath them or a refrigerator that alerts you when you’re running low on certain foods. 


Choosing an outstanding kitchen design layout can be tough. However, the professionals from A&E Kitchen and Bath Design Center in Marlboro, NJ, are always happy to help you find an affordable solution. Whether you need custom kitchen remodeling services or bathroom renovations, their expert staff can have your household up and running in no time. To learn more about their services, call them today at (732) 677-3977 or visit them online. Located in Brook's Edge Plaza off Route 79, they serve all of Monmouth County, so contact them today.

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