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4 Tips for Choosing a Web Hosting Provider March 20, 2018

South Riding, Loudoun
4 Tips for Choosing a Web Hosting Provider, South Riding, Virginia

Building a website is an exciting time that involves lots of decision-making. In addition to website design, business internet service provider, and domain choices, you need to decide who will host your site. This task can seem overwhelming at first; however, the field narrows when you know what you need. Keep these tips in mind to shorten your search.

Top 4 Web Hosting Provider Selection Tips

1. Research Plan Types

Learn about the different types of web hosting plans, including shared, VPS, and dedicated servers. Shared hosting means your website is on the same server as multiple other sites. VPS, or virtual private servers, work well for high-traffic sites, while dedicated servers are the most expensive and require considerable service maintenance and management knowledge. Cloud servers are those running on large public servers, offering seamless scaling capabilities.

2. Keep Monthly Traffic in Mind

Be honest about your monthly traffic expectations to find your optimal web hosting service. If traffic will be slow for awhile, a shared hosting site is the most cost-effective. VPS sites are ideal if you expect more than 5,000 daily visitors. Dedicated servers also work well for high-traffic sites because they can accommodate more than 100,000 visitors each day.

business internet service provider3. Ask About Data Transfer Speed & Bandwidth

Inquire about bandwidth, or the amount of data the web host transfers when your site is accessed from any location on the globe, as well as data transfer speed. You do not want to keep your site visitors waiting; slow-loading pages are one of the easiest ways to guarantee zero return visits. Use data from your business internet service provider to calculate your concurrent visitor numbers to make an informed decision.

4. Ask About Additional Service Options

Learn what kind of customer support you can expect from your chosen provider and if they offer additional service options, such as domain purchasing. The best web hosts provide 24/7 customer service support so you can call at any time with an issue. It’s even more convenient if they are also a business internet service provider so you can bundle your needs.


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