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3 Ways Wireless Automation Improves Your Heat & Air Conditioning System March 13, 2018

Charleston, Staten Island
3 Ways Wireless Automation Improves Your Heat & Air Conditioning System, Staten Island, New York

As a homeowner, managing your heating and air conditioning system through every season can start to feel like a full-time job. However, thanks to technological advancements, such as wireless thermostats and multi-zone cooling, residents have increased flexibility, eliminating the stress of maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures. If you’re looking for ways to streamline your home life, incorporate wireless automation into your ductless heating and cooling setup. 

3 Advantages of Incorporating Wireless Automation into Your Heating & Air Conditioning System

1. Efficiency

Air Conditioning SystemWhen you’re at the office or away from home for an extended period of time, your HVAC system shouldn’t work as hard to control temperatures in empty spaces. By having access to your heating and cooling appliance from your smartphone, you can manage settings to match your specific needs. As a result, you’ll enjoy maximum efficiency and lower monthly energy bills. 

2. Flexible Comfort

In a busy household, struggles over temperature settings are common. While you may enjoy a cool atmosphere, your son or daughter may prefer a warm and cozy environment in their room. Through wireless automation, you can schedule unique settings throughout certain zones of your home, so everyone is satisfied and comfortable. 

3. Additional Control & System Knowledge

Most homes have hot or cold spots as a result of sun exposure, insulation, or location. Through automation, you’ll have greater control over your ductless heating and cooling system. As a result, you’ll better understand which areas struggle reaching the desired temperatures. With this knowledge, you can work with your HVAC technician to create solutions, so you avoid these frustrating situations. 


Since opening for business in 1930, Scaran Heating & Cooling has been a go-to source for heating and air conditioning system maintenance for locals throughout Staten Island, NY. As certified Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractors™, these HVAC technicians provide ductless heating and cooling solutions, providing customers with maximum efficiency and flexibility. If you’re interested in upgrading your system to include a wireless thermostat and simple, effective automation features, call the office at (718) 984-0805 to schedule an appointment. For more information about the benefits of multi-zone cooling, visit the website

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