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4 Functions of Automated Heating & Air Conditioning Systems March 13, 2018

West Conshohocken, Montgomery County
4 Functions of Automated Heating & Air Conditioning Systems, West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

Have you ever dreamed of controlling of all your home’s major appliances at your fingertips? The automated heating and air conditioning systems from Mitsubishi Electric® can help you make the dream a reality. Before investing in one of their units, you likely want to know how they work. Below is an overview of what you can do with the cutting-edge technology. 

How an Automated Heating & Air Conditioning System Works

1. Remote Climate Control 

One of the foremost advantages of having an automated heating and air conditioning system is you can easily control every aspect of it from a wireless device. This means no more getting up in the middle of a movie to adjust the thermostat or waking up to an overheated room. You can change and program everything with the simple touch of a button. 

2. Extensive Programming Capabilities 

air-conditioning-systemThe multi-zoned systems from Mitsubishi Electric allow you to exercise total control over your home’s heating and cooling functions. You can create heating and cooling schedules in specific zones or rooms as well as check the status of your air filters from your wireless device. 

​​​​​​​3. Smart Thermostats 

When you have guests over, your indoor temperature will be affected by having additional people in your home. An automated heating and cooling system will make an educated guess for you. Using the 3D i-see Sensor™, the smart thermostat will respond in real time by analyzing the number and placement of people in a particular room and adjusting the temperature accordingly. 

​​​​​​​4. Personal Comfort 

Your ideal sleeping temperature might differ from that of your children; perhaps you’re a cold sleeper, and they get hot at night. Automated HVAC systems solve this problem with personalized comfort zones programmed specifically for your needs. A multi-zoned cooling and heating system will maintain different temperatures in each room to ensure everyone is comfortable. 


When you decide to upgrade your heating and air conditioning system, invest in one of these efficient Mitsubishi Electric units available from Unique Indoor Comfort in Conshohocken, PA. In addition to carrying some of today’s leading HVAC systems, they’re also equipped to provide installation, repairs, and maintenance for a range of home appliances, including water heaters and generators. To learn more or request an estimate, visit them online or call (610) 825-4400.

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