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3 Signs It’s Time to Move to an Assisted Living Facility March 13, 2018

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3 Signs It’s Time to Move to an Assisted Living Facility, Whitefish, Montana

Assisted living has become a popular solution for many seniors unable to live alone. However, deciding to move can be difficult. Ultimate, it’s about happiness and well-being, which is why it’s important to recognize when you or a loved one can no longer take care of themselves. Moving into an assisted living facility can drastically increase quality of life, so here are some signs it might be time to make a change.

3 Signs You Should Consider Assisted Living

1. Mobility Issues

When you’re unable to move around your home safely or on your own, it can affect everything from hygiene to accomplishing daily tasks. You put yourself at risk when mobility is challenging, and this often leads to injuries, as well as mental health issues. Some seniors can feel isolated when they’re unable to leave, resulting in depression. At an assisted living facility, you’ll receive all the assistance needed to move and can do so in a safe, supportive environment.

assisted-living-facility-beehive-homes-of-columbia-falls2. Increasing Medical Needs

If you or a loved one develop a debilitating health condition, or if an existing one worsens, home care may not be enough. Daily medical needs can be strenuous to handle alone, which is why you’ll find on-demand assistance at an assisted living facility helpful. They have dedicated medical staff to help with both short- and long-term health care needs, ensuring you remain healthy.

3. Declining Health

If you notice a loved one is gaining or losing weight, failing to maintain hygiene, or seeming weaker, it may be time for an assisted living facility. These are all signs that they can no longer care for themselves. When bathing and eating become too much of a burden, their health becomes a concern. Senior care staff at an assisted living facility can help with everyday tasks and nutrition, so you can be confident your loved one is staying healthy on a day-to-day basis.


BeeHive Homes of Columbia Falls—the premier assisted living facility in Columbia Falls, MT—offers a variety of services and amenities to seniors wanting a comfortable, supportive community. Their elderly care staff is committed to keeping residents healthy and ensuring they achieve a high quality of life. Call (406) 270-0513 today to schedule a tour and visit their website and Facebook to learn more.

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