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3 of the Worst Foods & Drinks for Your Smile March 13, 2018

Lincoln, Lancaster
3 of the Worst Foods & Drinks for Your Smile, Lincoln, Nebraska

What you eat and drink has a significant impact on your oral health. If you aren’t careful, your favorite foods can become a problem during your next dental cleaning, which is why dentists warn about the dangers of snacks that are high in starches, sugars, and acids. Here are three of the worst foods and drinks for your smile, and what you can do to protect your teeth. 

3 Foods & Drinks to Avoid for Optimum Oral Health

1. Chips

Potato chips are high in simple starches, which act as food sources for oral bacteria. As bacteria thrive in the oral cavity, they create acids that erode dental enamel and toxins that irritate the gum tissue, sparking the onset of periodontal disease. Tortilla chips are also dangerous for the teeth and gums, as they are harder than regular potato chips and can become lodged in the gum tissue. Instead of eating a handful of chips when you are hungry, keep fresh vegetables on hand. Some veggies, like celery, offer natural dental cleaning sessions by scrubbing away food particles and bacteria. 

2. Soda

dental cleaningIn addition to being filled with dyes that can permeate dental enamel and discolor your teeth, soda also contains citric acid, which lowers the pH of your saliva. When your mouth becomes more acidic, it softens dental enamel, allowing decay to move quickly. Instead of sipping on soda throughout the day, opt for fresh water flavored with a few slices of lemon. 

3. Dried Fruit

While fresh fruit offers a dose of hydration without any added sugar, the same can’t be said for dried fruit, which is often finished with sanding sugar. Dried fruit is also sticky, which can interfere with braces or become stuck between your teeth. If you eat dried fruit, enjoy it in moderation, and always rinse your mouth afterward with clean water for a natural dental cleaning. 


To learn more about how your diet impacts your oral health, turn to the professionals at Fallbrook Family Dentistry in Lincoln, NE. In addition to speaking with you about the best and worst foods for your teeth and gums, this dental clinic will also help with everything from dental cleanings and routine exams to getting Invisalign® and same-day crowns. Visit their website for more information on their services, and call (402) 467-0007 to schedule an appointment today. 

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