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4 Ways Cold Weather Drives Need for Auto Repair March 8, 2018

Tariffville, Simsbury
4 Ways Cold Weather Drives Need for Auto Repair, Simsbury, Connecticut

Cold weather and metal tend not to get along. If you’ve ever noticed that your auto repair costs rise during the winter, it’s no coincidence: changes in the weather cause the metal that makes up your car to expand and contract. It also affects electrical systems, fluids, and batteries inside the car. Here are five specific reasons why winter might drive up your car maintenance and repair costs.

4 Car Problems Caused by Cold Weather

1. Drained Battery

ColdAuto Repair weather hurts your car’s battery in two ways: it makes your car harder to start, causing the battery to work harder, and it slows the chemical reaction that allows your battery to work. This reaction requires the creation of an electrical current — but the electrons that carry these charges move slower in the cold.

It makes your car overall harder to start by thickening the oil. When you start a car, you’re using energy from the battery to get oil into the engine. Thicker oil moves slowly.

2. Fluctuating Tire Pressure

This one should call for immediate auto repair — tire pressure fluctuations make your vehicle more prone to a blowout. Cold temperatures cause air to contract, but the friction involved in a car’s movement process causes it to expand.

3. Road Salt Corrosion

When it snows, crews salt. Deicing salt can cause a surprising number of problems — for your car, the worst is corrosion. As the deicing salt mixes into the melting snow and ice, it creates an electrolyte solution, which carries electrical ions. Prolonged exposure will make your car’s interior and exterior metal corrode. Fortunately, deep cleaning can be done alongside standard auto maintenance.

4. Thickening Fluids

Your car’s function depends on the proper flow of a number of liquids. Oil, fluid, and transmission fluid, to name a few — these liquids all thicken in cold temperatures. As a result, they move slowly and damage the seals through which they must travel. Start the car for around 10 minutes before driving to avoid increasing your car maintenance and repair costs.


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