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Special Needs & Autism Resources for Improving Language Deficits March 13, 2018

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Special Needs & Autism Resources for Improving Language Deficits, Bowie, Texas

For many children with special needs or neurodivergence, communication can be a challenge. Delays in speech and vocabulary development can make it harder for your child to express themselves. Special needs and autism resources can often help your child start speaking or expand their ability, but any progress has to begin at home. Here are a few ways you can help your child.

Imitate & Reinforce

Pay attention to your child’s actions and vocalizations, and mirror them back when possible. This helps encourage your child to repeat that behavior and engage with you; just don’t imitate negative behaviors. Respond to their nonverbal communication with both words and gestures so they can attach your words to their meaning.


When you speak, keep it simple, using fewer and shorter words where possible to avoid confusing or overwhelming your child. In general, you should express yourself using language skills just a level higher than theirs. If they are nonverbal, use single words; if they speak using short phrases, you should use simple sentences.

Autism ResourcesArrange Interaction

Social interaction is crucial to learning communication and expression. At home, encourage your child to play games with you, trying out a wide variety to find those your child likes. As your child grows more social and independent, you may want to find play groups, camps with autism resources, and other social activities for autistic children or those with special needs.


Your child’s ability to communicate is important to their development and fulfillment of needs throughout their life. To help them develop these skills this summer, Charis Hills Camp in Sunset, TX, provides a welcoming, empowering setting for children with special needs. This Christian summer camp offers a wide range of special needs programs and autism resources to fit your family and give your child a chance to flourish. To learn more, call (940) 964-2145 or send a message online.

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