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5 Factors to Check Before Opening Your Pool March 13, 2018

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5 Factors to Check Before Opening Your Pool, Newtown, Ohio

After a long winter of disuse, you’re probably eager to open up your swimming pool again. But in your hurry to enjoy some fun in the sun, don’t overlook these basic maintenance needs. After being stored all winter, your pool and its equipment need careful attention to make sure they’re still in working order.

5 Steps to Open Your Pool

1. Turn Everything On

Your pool pump and cleaner may have difficulty running after going for a season without use. Turn on each system and let them run for at least half an hour to make sure everything is working and give the equipment time to cycle. Watch out for any leaks or signs the system is struggling.

2. Check the Filter

Now is a good time to make sure your filter is in shape. If your filter is too dirty, clogged, or broken, replace that filter cartridge with a new one to avoid putting unnecessary strain on your motor.

3. Look for Bugs

As you bring out your pool supplies and equipment, watch for any signs of insects or spiders that may have taken up residence over the winter. Wasp nests and spider webs can be found in storage sheds or even inside hoses, so be careful and treat any infestations appropriately before you start using your pool.

4. Test the Water

PoolYou might imagine your pool chemistry has stayed the same over the winter with no one using it and a cover in place, but in fact, your chlorine and pH levels can change dramatically, and it may only take warm weather to start an algae bloom. Test your water and treat it as needed before you go for a dip.

5. Add Pool Accessories

Of course, for maximum fun, you also need to bring out the pool accessories that were stored over the winter. Lawn chairs and water toys will help you enjoy the water even more. You might even consider getting a few new items to kick off the season.

As you open up your pool for the year, pay attention to any area that might have developed problems over the winter, including equipment and water chemistry. By doing so, you’ll ensure that any issues are sorted out early so that you can enjoy your pool without worries for the rest of the season.


For over 50 years, Don Marcum’s Pool Care in Cincinnati, OH, has offered care, maintenance, and cleaning for your in-ground or above-ground pool. Along with expert advice, they offer all the equipment and supplies you need to keep your pool clean, attractive, and inviting. To arrange service, call (513) 561-7050 or get in touch online.

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