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Understanding Your HVAC Unit March 13, 2018

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Understanding Your HVAC Unit, Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

As a homeowner, understanding critical appliances such as your air conditioner is the best way to maintain your residence and avoid costly repair calls. If HVAC maintenance is a priority, here are three helpful tips to ensure you understand the ins and outs of your heating and cooling system. 

3 Tips for Understanding Your HVAC System

1. Know Each Component

HVAC MaintenanceYour heating and air conditioning setup is composed of a series of devices that work together to disseminate temperature-controlled air throughout a property. The main components include the thermostat that’s used to set and schedule desired temperatures, the furnace that heats air, and the condensing unit that cools the refrigerant and pumps it through the evaporator coil. Also crucial are the ductwork that transports air throughout your home and the vents that move the air from the ducts into your various living spaces. By knowing each piece of the system, you can better identify issues and discuss HVAC repair needs with your maintenance team. 

2. Prioritize Routine Inspections

When properly serviced, your heating and cooling system should last anywhere from 10 to 25 years. The best way to ensure efficiency and longevity is through routine inspections with a professional HVAC maintenance technician. As a general rule of thumb, schedule an annual inspection when the seasons change so that minor issues can be rectified. 

3. Check Thermostat & Air Flow

In addition to annual evaluations with an HVAC maintenance professional, perform routine inspections on your own. Change air filters seasonally and consider investing in a wireless thermostat that’s programmable for added efficiency. Check your air vents and make sure they are unobstructed so that each room can easily attain your desired temperature. 


Barkley Blevins Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning is a trusted local business that has served the greater Lexington, KY, area for over 125 years. If you need assistance with HVAC repair or installing a new air conditioner before summer arrives, their top-notch technicians can help. Call their office today at (859) 252-3519 to schedule your next HVAC maintenance appointment or visit their website for more information on their comprehensive home services. 

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