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How Water Well Drilling Teams Fix Common Issues April 3, 2018

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How Water Well Drilling Teams Fix Common Issues, Walton, Missouri

Water wells provide a reliable source of clean water for homes, but as with any aspect of your property, it’s possible their components may eventually need repair. If you find something suddenly goes awry with your water, the water well drilling experts from Marshall Eye Jr Water Well Drilling & Repair Service in Potosi, MO, can help.  

Here, their specialists explain three of the most common issues they see—and their fixes:

  • Discolored Water: Fogginess or discoloration in your water could indicate turbidity, which is a term for a high concentration of sediments in your water. If your ground has recently been disturbed by a procedure such as drilling, it can cause sediments to enter your water source. Professionals will perform a test to pinpoint the precise reason for the contamination, then implement a targeted repair strategy to prevent recurrence. They can also perform treatments to ensure your water is safe to consume.
  • water well drilling Potosi MOLow Water Pressure: If your water streams aren’t nearly as powerful as they once were, your well pump, pressure regulator, or another component of your well system could be compromised. Water well drilling professionals will diagnose the issue to determine whether you need pump service. The issue could also warrant a simpler fix, such as replacing water filters if you have them in your home.  
  • No Water: Discovering you have no water upon turning on the faucet can be frustrating. If your home doesn’t have any water, the well pump could be to blame. Because this component requires electricity, you should start by making sure your power is running as it should. Check for a blown fuse or tripped breaker. If the power seems fine, there could be a faulty mechanism in your pump that your service team can repair or replace.

If you experience any well-related issues, the team from Marshall Eye Jr Water Well Drilling & Repair Service can help. With 59 years of experience in water well drilling, these experts specialize in a broad range of well and pump services. Call (314) 541-6239 to discuss your needs with one of their professionals, or visit them online to learn more.

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