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What Does an Ultrasound Sonographer Do? March 19, 2018

Ocean, Monmouth County
What Does an Ultrasound Sonographer Do?, Ocean, New Jersey

Working in the medical field can be both rewarding and lucrative; but, not everyone has the resources to devote over a decade to undergraduate school, medical school, and residency programs. Fortunately, there are dozens of other career opportunities for those who want to help patients without becoming a practicing physician. If you study diagnostic medical sonography, for example, you could become an ultrasound technician and work directly with patients of all ages — from children to pregnant women to the elderly.

Understanding Diagnostic Medical Sonography & the Role of an Ultrasound Tech

What Is Ultrasound Technology?

Diagnostic medical sonography is used at hospitals, ambulatory centers, imaging centers, family practices, and specialists’ offices to view the inside of the body. The technician performing this diagnostic procedure scans the patient using a device called an ultrasound transducer, which emits high-frequency sound waves that bounce back after striking bodily tissue. An ultrasound machine then compiles these echoes to produce an image of the inside of the body. Because diagnostic medical sonography does not use radiation, it is safe for patients who might be vulnerable to X-rays or CT scans.

Who Would Make a Good Ultrasound Tech?

diagnostic medical sonographyUltrasound technicians work directly with patients, which means they must have a good bedside manner. They need to be warm and empathetic, and they should know how to put patients at ease during a procedure.

Sometimes, undergoing an ultrasound can be exciting. For example, a couple who is expecting may be looking forward to seeing their baby for the first time. In many other scenarios, though, patients who must undergo an ultrasound fear what the results may reveal. If you enjoy working with people and focusing on others’ emotional needs, you will be an excellent ultrasound tech.


If you want to pursue a career in diagnostic medical sonography, you can get started by enrolling in one of the accredited health care programs at the Medical Career Institute. Located in Ocean Township, NJ, this medical career college is proud to accept students in Monmouth and Ocean counties. You can learn more about the programs they offer — including diagnostic medical sonography — by visiting their website. To enroll today and start on an exciting new career path, call (732) 695-1190. 

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