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Series 3, Part 2: Does Deicing Salt Cause Metal Door Corrosion? April 11, 2018

Brighton, Livingston
Series 3, Part 2: Does Deicing Salt Cause Metal Door Corrosion?, Brighton, Michigan

Last time, metal door and corrosion experts Door Innovation discussed how you could easily install a drip cap to keep corrosive water out of your door frame. Now it’s highlighting something else you see everywhere during the winter. Door Innovation is no stranger to deicing salt. It’s practically pavement here in Brighton, Michigan. Believe it or not, though, there might be a link between this salt and metal door frame corrosion.

The Question: Could Deicing Salt Be Corroding Your Door?

DeicingCorroded Metal Door Frame salt is used in any area of the United States that experiences snow or freezing rain. Over the past few years, the United States has used 15-20 million tons of it to avert the economic costs of business and roadway closures. There is, however, an often-ignored consequence of deicing salt’s large-scale use.

The Answer: Yes

Corrosion is the result of contact between a metal and an electrical current. Water alone doesn’t conduct electrical currents especially well, but electrolytes can. Electrolytes are formed when salts mix into water. Melting ice and snow mix with salts on the roads, creating electrolytic pools that, when driven over, splash very close to businesses’ doors. Even if you don’t think you’re that close to the roads, the splash factor will place the saltwater close enough to your door for the vapor to cause corrosion. It can also be tracked in on people’s shoes and objects. The corrosive process can even damage aluminum’s protective outside layer.

Corrosion isn’t cheap. Saltwater can seep into a corroded metal door frame and become extremely difficult to remove. After a certain level of corrosion, repair might not even be an option, and total replacement might cost you up to $2,000. That’s just the cost to fix the issue — a business operating with a corroded metal door frame might lose even more as hot or cold air escapes, pests infest the building, and corrosion spreads through the structure.

One product can help a business avoid these costs. Door Innovation’s Jamb Patch kits enable business owners to repair their corroded metal door frames by themselves, saving them labor and machinery costs. The Jamb Patch reinforces the door frame, restoring its function for years to come.

Next, Door Innovation will discuss a related topic: how metal door corrosion may be quicker in coastal environments. Until then, if you notice metal corrosion, act quickly. Call Door Innovation at (810) 227-7111 or visit their website to inquire about the Jamb Patch.