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Why You Should Schedule Regular Furnace Maintenance March 13, 2018

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Why You Should Schedule Regular Furnace Maintenance, Charlotte, North Carolina

Homeowners know how important it is to maintain the furnace. Without regular inspections and basic maintenance, small problems may go undiscovered and lead to bigger problems. That’s problematic when temperatures drop, which is why it’s smart to schedule preventative heating maintenance regularly. Here are three benefits that can make all the difference in your household’s comfort.

3 Benefits of Scheduling Regular Furnace Maintenance

1. Better Efficiency

If you’ve noticed that your utility bills are higher than usual, it could be due to decreased HVAC efficiency. Your heating and cooling professional will inspect the unit to ensure that it’s running properly without using more energy to heat your home than it should. Sometimes, it happens when the air filters are blocked, which is a problem that’s easily fixed. In other cases, a mechanical issue is to blame, in which case a repair can improve the overall functionality and help reduce your bills.

2. Reliable Heat

Charlotte, NC heatingDealing with heating problems during winter can be brutal, particularly when the sun sets. By maintaining the system regularly, you can be confident that your home will stay comfortably warm throughout the season. Regular tuneups ensure that small problems are caught before they become expensive. Your contractor will also ensure the system is properly heating every area of the house.

3. Extended Life Span

The average furnace has a life span of 15 to 20 years. You can ensure that it runs for at least that long and save a considerable amount of money by scheduling annual maintenance appointments. Technicians will ensure that the unit stays in functional condition for years, which will prevent you from investing in a new unit before you reach the current system’s life expectancy.


At Killingsworth Environmental Home Services, your comfort matters. Serving Charlotte, NC, the technicians provide reliable heating, cooling, and HVAC services. They’ll help maintain your system year-round, and can even assist with your other household needs, including lawn services and pest control. Visit their website or call (704) 563-8787 for more information.

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