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3 Benefits of Using Mason Sand & Pea Gravel March 7, 2018

Helena Flats, Flathead
3 Benefits of Using Mason Sand & Pea Gravel, Helena Flats, Montana

When it comes to landscaping, aesthetics shouldn't be the only factor you consider when choosing materials. Everything from grass types to the stone varieties you install for a patio should be carefully thought out. When researching potential materials for backyard projects, you’ll come across two popular options: mason sand and pea gravel. Below, LaSalle Sand & Gravel in Kalispell, MT, explains some of the features these aggregates offer so you can decide if they’ll fit in your landscaping.

Using Mason Sand & Pea Gravel Offers These 3 Benefits

1. Drainage

Mason sand is often only thought of for tasks that involve brickwork. However, because it’s so fine and soft, many people add it to their custom sandboxes to create a nicer play area. It drains well and won’t let water puddle when it’s raining or snowing. 

Pea gravel is made out of small, water-rounded stones. Because of its shape and texture, it also does a great job of draining water, making it the perfect choice for walkways, driveways, or patios.

2. Style

sandConcrete sand tends to be rough. Mason sand is softer because it is finer and has been washed and sifted to include only similar-sized pieces of limestone, granite, gneiss, and trap stone. This means it also looks more uniform and feels smoother underfoot.

Pea gravel is pleasing to the eye because every piece has been smoothed by water, eliminating the jagged edges of other gravel types. You can find this material in many colors, ranging from light tan to darker hues, to suit your every landscaping need.

3. Stability

Many contractors place a layer of pea gravel or mason sand as a drainage barrier and stable base for patios, sheds, and decks. The tiny rocks do not compact like dirt, so they won’t sink or retain moisture over time, providing a great foundation for fixed yard structures.

When you require a well-draining, aesthetically pleasing, and stable material for a landscaping project, consider using mason sand or pea gravel. To estimate how much you’ll need, talk with an excavating expert. Call (406) 756-9070 to speak with LaSalle Sand & Gravel today. Their full satisfaction guarantee, same-day services, and free estimates have earned the respect and admiration of their customers for more than 16 years. Visit the website for more information. 

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