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3 Common Causes of a Clogged Drain March 13, 2018

University Place, Lincoln
3 Common Causes of a Clogged Drain, Lincoln, Nebraska

A clogged drain starts as a minor inconvenience, but if you leave it unaddressed too long, it will become a severe problem that causes extensive damage. As a homeowner, you should know the common causes of a clog in your plumbing so you can work with Bryant Air Conditioning, Heating, Electrical & Plumbing in Lincoln, NE, to prevent these issues. It will also help you recognize any issues before they get out of control.

3 Reasons You May Have a Clogged Drain

1. Tree Roots

clogged drainTree roots are a common risk factor for outdoor plumbing. Roots are drawn to water and nutrients, and your plumbing releases vapors into the soil through cracks or loose joints. Once the root reaches the plumbing, it forces its way through the crack and grows inside the pipe itself. Roots are strong enough to break through most sewer lines, even if they aren’t cracked. The best way to prevent this is to keep trees planted far away from all major lines. Assume that the roots will grow out as far as the tree is tall. For example, a 15-foot tree should be at least 15 feet away from your sewer line.

2. Organic Buildup

There are several types of buildup that can form in your plumbing. The most common is the type that people send down their drains, which is typically organic waste. Food in the kitchen sink or hair in the shower drain are two frequent culprits. To prevent this issue, be careful about what you send down the drain, and call for repair as soon as you notice a slow-moving drain.

3. Mineral Buildup

Hard water can also create buildup as the minerals catch onto the side of the piping. This is only a real problem for those who have extremely hard water in their area. If you do have this problem, putting in a water filter and softener will prevent mineral buildup. You’ll also enjoy more pleasant water coming out of your tap, which is better for drinking and cooking.

If you notice a clogged drain in your home, you’ll avoid some expensive problems down the line by calling for repair immediately. Call Bryant Air Conditioning, Heating, Electrical & Plumbing at (402) 467-1111 to schedule a plumber. They have served your neighbors with everything from HVAC service to water heater replacement since 1952 and are the most trusted contractors in the area.

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