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3 Jobs You Should Always Leave to the Electrical Contractor March 12, 2018

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3 Jobs You Should Always Leave to the Electrical Contractor, Ellsworth, Wisconsin

If you enjoy repairing things around the house, performing your own electrical work might seem like a good challenge, but there are some things better left to electrical contractors. Performing electrical repairs yourself can be dangerous if you’re unfamiliar with all of the necessary safety precautions, so pay close attention to the list below. The following are some of the more complicated repairs better left in the hands of a professional. 

3 Jobs to Leave for an Electrical Contractor 

1. Electrical Rewiring 

One of the most common causes of electrical fires is rewiring, which is why it’s critical for any wiring installation on your home to be performed properly. Faulty wiring not only causes fire hazards, but it can drastically affect your electrical system, causing overloaded outlets, flickering lights, and other issues. If you have a wiring issue, it pays to enlist the services of a professional instead of attempting DIY repairs. 

2. Upgrading Electrical Panels 

electrical-contractorYour electrical panels are what control many of the electrical systems in your home, sending the proper amount of voltage to specific areas, and automatically shutting down when a power surge occurs. There are also local codes and ordinances that should be followed involving the proper installation of electrical panels. To remain in compliance and avoid potential fines, hiring an expert is essential. 

​​​​​​​3. Changing Old Outlets 

Switching out an old or damaged electrical outlet might seem like no big deal, but it can become complicated. This is because, in addition to removing and replacing the outlet plate, you also need to ensure any wiring traveling to an outlet is grounded; this helps protect you from dangerous short circuits and risk of electrical shock. 


If you have wiring issues or other electrical problems in your home, contact the electrical contractors from Walter’s Inc. in Ellsworth, WI, for an affordable, efficient solution. In addition to their electrical services, they specialize in plumbing, AC installation and repairs, and heating services. Their local experts are committed to building relationships with those they work with by providing every customer with outstanding services and customer care. To learn more about what they do, call (715) 792-5336, or visit the Facebook page for more tips and updates. 

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