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How to Effectively Maintain Your Boiler March 30, 2018

Springfield, Erie
How to Effectively Maintain Your Boiler, Springfield, Pennsylvania

For most households, a boiler system can last for at least 15 to 20 years, operating efficiently and reliably each winter. If you want to continue to be able to enjoy the warmth provided during the colder months, you need to maintain your boiler during the offseason. With spring well on its way, now is the best time to make sure your system is running as efficiently as it did when you first installed it. 

3 Tips to Help You Maintain Your Boiler

1. Perform Visual Inspections

boilerYou should regularly check various components of your system and visually determine if they appear to be in good condition. For example, the vent connection and chimney will likely experience wear and tear with time. To make sure neither component has developed a leak or other type of damage, you should inspect the connection and ensure everything is intact. You can also check the heat exchanger for signs of minor leaks, as catching them early might prevent more costly damage down the road.

2. Flush It Out

You should also flush out the boiler on a regular basis, as this practice can remove rust and other forms of debris that might have built up with time. Because the debris can decrease your unit’s efficiency, flushing it prevents various problems, such as clogs. To do this, you can open the valves on the radiators and convectors; after you turn off the power and water supply, flush it out by running a drain hose to a bucket and allowing water and debris to drain from your unit.

3. Call an Expert

Consider hiring a professional to provide regular service to your unit. These experts understand what problems commonly arise with boilers. As a result, they’ll know what to look for and how to keep it running for years to come, without the hassle of costly repairs. They can even help you adjust your system to ensure it runs as efficiently as possible.


If you need help inspecting or flushing your boiler, the experts at Adams Heating & Cooling can help. Serving Erie County, PA, these professionals are focused on providing the best solution for your home and can keep you comfortable all year-round. To learn more about their services, reach out to a friendly heating contractor by calling (814) 922-7786 or visit their website.