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Platteville Attorney Provides a Brief Guide to Wisconsin Fencing Laws March 12, 2018

Platteville, Grant
Platteville Attorney Provides a Brief Guide to Wisconsin Fencing Laws , Platteville, Wisconsin

Boundary disputes among neighbors can turn highly contentious, often making it necessary for the parties involved to consult an attorney about taking legal action. Conflicts over fencing and accusations of encroachment are some of the most common types of cases property owners end up litigating in court. When disagreements arise, Wisconsin laws regarding boundary lines and fencing help determine a resolution. For assistance enforcing these regulations, the residents of Grant County rely on Scott & Heenan LLC. The firm’s legal team has spent more than 50 years protecting their clients’ rights, including handling controversies between neighboring property owners. Below, they provide a brief overview of the state’s fencing laws.

Wisconsin Attorney Discusses Fence Laws Property Owners Need to Know

Partition Fence

attorneyWhen a fence is built to divide adjoining parcels of land, the law stipulates it is the responsibility of both property owners to make sure it properly traces the legal boundary lines. Each party must also keep the fence in good condition, sharing the costs of repairs and maintenance unless there is a contract stating otherwise. Neither may take it down without written consent from the other side. If any of these laws are violated, an attorney can offer property owners advice on pursuing legal recourse.

Fence Relocation

In instances where a fence was installed before boundary lines were officially established, it may turn out its location is in the wrong place and encroaching on the adjoining property. The law states the person who built the fence is the owner and responsible for relocating it to reflect the current boundary lines. The relocation must be completed within 30 days after receiving a written notice from the owner of the neighboring land.

If you are facing a conflict with your neighbors over a fence placement, it may be necessary to seek counsel from an attorney who regularly deals with boundary disputes. The professionals at Scott & Heenan LLC have extensive knowledge of Wisconsin fencing laws and can help resolve any issue that may come up concerning your property line. They stay up to date on local ordinances to ensure clients have the most accurate information to move forward with their case. Contact their office at (608) 348-9506, or visit them online to learn more about the legal services they offer.

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