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Participate In the Wish List Program to Receive Designer Jewelry You’ll Love March 13, 2018

Nyack, Rockland County
Participate In the Wish List Program to Receive Designer Jewelry You’ll Love, Nyack, New York

If your friends and family are always stumped on what to give you for birthdays or holidays, it may be helpful to give them an idea of which gift will make you happy this year. The Wish List Program at Somos Designer Jewelry Gallery in Rockland County, NY, is a great way to let the people who love you know exactly which beautiful designer jewelry pieces will be most gratefully appreciated. Take a look at some important details about this exciting program and why you should take part in it.

Receive the Designer Jewelry You Love

What Is the Wish List Program?

With the Wish List Program at Somos Designer Jewelry Gallery, you can choose five or six items and place them in a registry for your loved ones to see. The jewelry experts will then give you a $75 gift certificate to either use on your next purchase or to leave with the Wish List. If you choose the latter, your friends and family may use the $75 credit to purchase the designer jewelry items on your list.

Why Should You Utilize the Wish List Program?

Designer JewelryThe Wish List Program offers a fun and easy way to give and receive gifts that everyone is happy with. It also gives friends and family members the opportunity to learn about your unique styles and preferences while saving on your gift. With this program, your loved ones will always feel good about giving you exactly what you want.

Would you like to receive designer jewelry for your birthday or special event? Head over to Somos Designer Jewelry Gallery to start your wish list. With a wide range of options including engagement rings, conflict-free diamonds, and custom jewelry starting at affordable prices, you can definitely find something that fits your personality and budget. For more information on their current inventory, visit them online or give the store a call at (845) 348-0800 today. 

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