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Bring Your Kids to Fused for a Fun Spring Break Activity March 13, 2018

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Bring Your Kids to Fused for a Fun Spring Break Activity, Roslyn, Washington

Spring break allows your kids to have some fun during the school year. It’s also a chance for you to create new memories with them. Located in Roslyn, WA, Fused is a family-friendly gallery that gives you the opportunity to purchase and create one-of-a-kind glass decorations with your children. This upcoming spring break is the perfect time to enjoy the art classes and events they host. 

Why You Should Bring Your Kids to Fused This Spring Break 

1. Avoid the Cold Weather

Most spring breaks involve warm, tropical weather, but that’s not always the case in Washington. Instead of keeping your kids cooped up indoors, take them to a place they’ll truly enjoy. By going to Fused, your kids will experience a welcome change of scenery, get their creative juices flowing, and be entertained for hours.

2. Create Unique Decorations & Artwork

decorationsFused offers a variety of affordable art classes with expert instruction. You can schedule a class with your kids, which allows them to create something unique on their own. They’ll be amazed at the handmade glass creations they form. You could even host an event with other parents and kids and use Fused’s catering services to plan an unforgettable activity.

3. Get Your Child Excited About Art 

Your children can produce a variety of different items during their time at Fused. Whether they want to make jewelry, ornaments, a framed landscape, or a dish, they will bring their vision to life and express their creativity. You can then display their art or decorations at home, which will inspire them to continue creating new works. 

Do you want to set up a class or an event at Fused this spring break? Their team has the expertise to teach both you and your children how to make cool and colorful glass pieces. Whether you’re new to making glass creations or are more advanced, they have in-studio projects to fit your skill level. They also have beautiful handmade decorations for sale that will instantly bring color to any space. Call (253) 653-4768 or visit their website to learn more about how their glass decorations will make this spring break special for you and your kids.

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