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3 Tips for Selecting an Auto Repair Shop March 12, 2018

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3 Tips for Selecting an Auto Repair Shop, Hilton, New York

When a warning light illuminates on your dashboard or you feel like your vehicle simply isn’t responding the way it should, you need to find a reputable auto repair shop before you end up stuck on the side of the road. The quality of workmanship, and the experience of auto technicians can make all the difference in the longevity of your vehicle and your safety while driving it. Below are three tips to follow as you pick out an auto repair shop in your area.

How to Choose an Auto Repair Shop

1. Ask Your Friends & Neighbors

auto repairYour friends, family, and neighbors wouldn’t send you to an untrustworthy repair shop. If they’ve had positive experiences at a particular spot, you probably will too. They may even introduce you to a certain technician, which helps you build an immediate and honest relationship with the shop. 

2. Read Reviews Online

Most auto repair shops will have websites and pages on Yelp or Angie’s List, allowing you to read testimonials from past customers. Online reviews will give you an unbiased opinion of how the auto repair shop performs and treats their customers. 

3. Shop Around for Prices

While it might be tempting to choose the auto repair shop offering the lowest prices, it could also mean you won’t receive quality work, which could damage your vehicle in the long run. However, the shop with the highest prices may not always provide you with the best repairs either. Instead, look for a shop with experienced mechanics and ASE certification, which indicates superior knowledge and expertise. You can also get estimates, which are often offered for free, to get a more specific cost of repairs and maintenance for your vehicle.


If you’re looking for a reputable auto repair shop located in Hilton, NY, Heinrich Collision is a one-stop shop for all of your auto repair needs. Because they’re a family-owned business with 61 years of experience, they treat all of their customers like family as well. If your vehicle has been in an accident, they provide the most reliable auto body repairs, including frame repairs and glass installation. Your safety on the road is their utmost concern, so they also offer 24/7 towing. Give them a call at (585) 392-7800, or visit the website to learn more about why they’re the trusted auto body repair shop in the Hilton area.

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