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3 Major Benefits of Visiting the Dentist Regularly March 12, 2018

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3 Major Benefits of Visiting the Dentist Regularly, Jacksonville, Arkansas

Unless you have a chronic medical condition, you probably schedule a general wellness exam once a year. Since most healthy adults are encouraged to undergo an oral exam twice a year, you probably see your dentist more than any other provider. Is maintaining oral health really that important, though? What are the advantages of scheduling professional teeth cleanings every six months?

Why You Should Visit the Dentist Often

1. Preventing Gum Disease

Some serious conditions develop gradually but can be treated or reversed if diagnosed in their initial stages. For example, gum disease may cause permanent damage like tooth loss and gum recession, but if your dentist notices early symptoms like inflammation, you can take action to restore your oral health and maintain a beautiful smile. Those who let years pass between oral exams, on the other hand, are at a higher risk of losing their teeth from gum disease because they lack adequate preventive care.

2. Improving Confidence

dentistFrequent dental visits pave the way to a more beautiful smile. During every cleaning, the dentist or hygienist will remove plaque and tartar buildup and polish each tooth to reveal the bright enamel underneath. This will result in a whiter smile you’re proud to show off. If any teeth have stubborn stains or severe discoloration, you can also undergo professional whitening, which will produce more dramatic results.

3. Protecting Overall Health

Because the mouth is so vascular, it can reveal a lot about your overall health. At each visit, your dentist will not only examine your tongue, throat, and cheeks for signs of oral cancer, but they will also look for abnormalities that could indicate issues in the rest of the body. For example, researchers have linked gum disease to conditions like diabetes and heart disease.  


If you cannot remember the last time you had a professional teeth cleaning, turn to James A. Williams in Jacksonville, AR. He has been proudly treating patients throughout the surrounding area for more than 25 years. In addition to offering preventive and restorative dental care, he performs oral surgery and handles tooth emergencies. Make an appointment with this experienced dentist by visiting the practice online or calling (501) 982-5384.  

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