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Is It Acceptable to Have Auto Glass Tint in Ohio? March 29, 2018

Mulberry, Miami
Is It Acceptable to Have Auto Glass Tint in Ohio?, Miami, Ohio

Installing auto glass tint on your vehicle’s windshield and windows offers several benefits, including increased privacy and security, protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, and reduced energy consumption when using your air conditioning. However, many states regulate the use of window films on cars for different reasons. If you live in Ohio, it’s important to learn about the laws concerning it.

What Are the Rules Governing Window Tint Use in Ohio?

Auto glass tint darkness is measured in visible light transmission (VLT), or the percentage of solar light that travels through it. In Ohio, any level of darkness is allowed in back-side windows and rear windows, while windshields can only be covered by non-reflective tint on the top five inches. Front-side windows, meanwhile, should allow more than 50% VLT. Reflectorized materials are not permitted on any part of all side windows. In terms of colors, there are no restrictions, but all films have to be certified.

Why Are These Laws Important?

auto glass tintHeavily-tinted windows are a huge concern for police officers, as they can’t see what the driver or passengers are doing inside the vehicle. Driving around with windows that exceed the allowable amount of tint will almost definitely get you stopped. Not only will you be inconvenienced, but you might even have to pay a fine of around $120 for a misdemeanor charge. Reflective tints, on the other hand, can disrupt other drivers’ vision and may lead to accidents. Check with your local DMV branch to make sure your vehicle has the right amount and type of auto glass tint.


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