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4 FAQ About Floor Refinishing You Should Know March 13, 2018

Honolulu, Oahu
4 FAQ About Floor Refinishing You Should Know, Honolulu, Hawaii

Over the years, the flooring in your home can begin to look dull, dingy, or deteriorated. While many assume they are destined for a costly replacement, floor refinishing is often a more effective solution. With help from a reliable flooring contractor, you can sand and renew the look of your existing hardwood or tiles to breathe new life into any area of the house. Floor refinishing goes a long way toward improving the value and overall aesthetic of the home, but the process requires a keen understanding on the part of the homeowner. 

Curious About Floor Refinishing? 4 FAQ About the Process

How Long Will It Take?

For most property owners, the duration of the refinishing process is a main concern. The length of the project will depend largely on which type of polyurethane you choose. Oil- and water-based solutions dry at different paces and produces different finishes, as water-based finishes dry more quickly than oil. The size of the room will also factor into the timeline, as smaller jobs can be finished in two days, while larger ones may take up to a week. This estimate includes both sanding and drying time.

Will the Color of My Floors Change?

If you choose to refinish your floors without staining them, the color will remain exactly the same as when you began. However, most homeowners use the process as a time to reimagine the look of the home and opt to add a stain to change up the ambiance. There is a vast range of stain colors to choose from.

Will Sanding Produce Excessive Dust?

floor refinishingSanding your floors will inevitably lead to the production of dust, but there are plenty of ways to protect your home. Before sanding begins, contractors will lay out plastic in any sections or rooms that are not being refinished for protection. Then, throughout the rest of the process, they will vacuum to pull up residual sand particles and ensure the area is thoroughly cleaned when they leave.

When Will I Be Able to Walk on My Floors Again?

As a general rule, most contractors suggest it is safe to walk on recently refinished flooring after about 24 hours. Once you’ve regained entry, you should spend a few days practicing caution and being especially gentle. For the first 48 hours, wear socks and avoid shoes or bare feet on the flooring. If you have pets at home, keep them out of the area for at least two days to avoid scratching the glossy finish. 


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