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Series 3, Part 1: How Can Drip Caps Prevent Metal Door Frame Corrosion? April 9, 2018

Brighton, Livingston
Series 3, Part 1: How Can Drip Caps Prevent Metal Door Frame Corrosion?, Brighton, Michigan

For the start of its next series, Door Innovation will be discussing solutions to weather proof metal door frames. With high durability, low maintenance, and infrequent repairs, steel doors are often a quality long-term investment. They do, however, have one weakness: water. Water can seep into door frames and cause corrosion. A corroded metal door frame will greatly shorten your door’s lifespan, decrease its effectiveness, and run up quite a replacement bill.

Question: Can Drip Caps Slow Corrosion?

ItCorroded Metal Door Frame might be a surprise, but the reason for a corroded metal door frame isn’t water penetration from the outside. The outsides of door frames are protected by paint. Their insides, however, are filled with porous masonry mix — the same material used to hold bricks together. Moisture that accumulates where the jamb joins the wall can penetrate and travel down the masonry mix. Moving with gravity, the water will accumulate at the bottom of the frame and begin to corrode it from the inside out.

Answer: Yes, If Installed Properly

Think of a drip cap as a visor for your door. It extends out from the top of your door frame, catching rain and allowing it to run a few inches before it drops to the ground. Without a drip cap, the door frame itself will catch the rain, causing it to run directly into the frame’s rear. One of the best parts of a drip cap: it only takes a few hours to install.

Why Corrosion Matters

Corrosion can open up a hole in your door frame. As a result, the things you want to keep out — rodents, insects, cold or warm air — can get into your building, posing a safety risk and costing you money. Enough corrosion can completely compromise the door frame, unhinging the door and even degrading the structure of the building itself.

Next time, Door Innovation will be discussing how deicing salt can accelerate corrosion if your door frame has already started corroding, however, The Jamb Patch can keep repair cost low. Replacing the entire frame can be very costly and time consuming. Might I suggest you try the do-it-yourself Jamb Patch kit to make sure your metal door stays strong long-term. Call Door Innovation in Brighton, MI, at (810) 227-7111 or visit their website to get your Jamb Patch today.