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The Top 4 Indoor Paint Choices for 2018 March 12, 2018

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The Top 4 Indoor Paint Choices for 2018, Fairbanks, Alaska

This year’s hottest paint colors are taking their cues from nature. From bold yellow sunshine to ocean blue and moss green, the trend is reconnecting with the incredible mix of simple and complex tones seen in the great outdoors. If you’re looking to spruce up a drab kitchen space or transform a master bedroom, consider these stunning indoor paint hues.

Popular Indoor Paint Choices

1. Vivid Green

Layered with undertones of blue, vivid greens that mimic the colors of tree leaves and moss top the list of paint options poised to make a splash this year. What makes this particular shade different from others is a healing vibe and quiet serenity found around natural springs. Consider this indoor paint choice to brighten a desolate hallway or create a transition from one room to another.

2. Ocean Blue

Think of the crystal-clear blue waters found engulfing the Caribbean Islands. With hints of emerald green and creamy white, ocean blue can instantly bring warmth and light into a dreary space. Breathe life back into neglected rooms such as a guest bedroom. You can even apply the paint shade as an accent color on a door or focal wall.

3. Goldenrod

indoor paintYellow can be an intimidating color when it comes in a bold hue. This year’s palette includes goldenrod, which is designed to be vibrant without being overwhelming. The difference in 2018 is the shades evoke energy, radiance, and comfort. Transform a dining room with this inviting indoor paint color. Goldenrod is also an ideal choice for an accent wall or an outdated bedroom.

4. Spice Red

Cayenne and paprika make up the undertones of spice red, one of 2018’s most anticipated shades. Make no mistake, this color has a highly energetic appearance. It also incorporates international flavor thanks to its layers of warmth and zeal. Coat a master bedroom, dining room, or accent wall to give spice red the spotlight it deserves.


Make 2018 the year to get back to nature with the beautiful indoor paint choices. Fairbanks Paint & Glass in Alaska is the area’s go-to source for the latest inventory. If you’re unsure which hue to go with, a member of the expert team of specialists will gladly assist you. To get started, call (907) 456-7758 today. Visit the website for extensive information on their paint and specialty coating options.

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