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5 Ways to Prepare for Your Cleaning Service Appointment March 9, 2018

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5 Ways to Prepare for Your Cleaning Service Appointment, Ewa, Hawaii

If you’ve hired a cleaning service to work on your home, you may be tempted to leave everything to the professionals. But if you want the best results from your maid service, you need to set yourself up for success. Follow these tips to prepare for your cleaner’s visit and make their job easier and more effective.

Preparing Your Home for Cleaning

1. Pick Up the Clutter

Yes, the point of hiring a cleaning service is that you don’t have to clean. But if you spend just a few minutes tidying before they arrive, they can focus on deep cleaning tasks like scrubbing your bathtub, instead of basic chores like picking up the living room.

2. Put Away Your Papers

Cleaning ServiceBefore your maid arrives, put away any important documents or paperwork you may have out. By filing your papers away, you can preserve your privacy, and also ensure nothing important is thrown away accidentally.

3. Contain Your Pets

No matter how well-trained your pet is, they may not react normally when there is a new person in the house. If you have pets, make sure they’re contained away from the areas your cleaner will be working. Also, it is courteous to tell the team about pets before they arrive so they don’t send anyone who is afraid of or allergic to pets.

4. Identify Priorities

Before your cleaning service arrives, make a sweep of your house and identify the areas you’d like them to focus on. What’s bothering you the most? What hasn’t been done in a while? Point out these areas so your cleaning team can focus there.

5. Make Sure They Have Access

If you haven’t worked with this service before, make sure they have everything you need to get into your home—especially if you won’t be there when they arrive. You may need to give them a key or, if you live in an apartment, write down the code for parking or street access.


By preparing in advance, you can get the most out of your maid service and make the house cleaning process more efficient for both of you. If you’re interested in hiring a team to sanitize your home, contact Kaui’s Kleaners, a locally owned and fully licensed cleaning service based in Ewa Beach, HI. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and service within 36 hours of your call. To schedule a visit call (808) 590-7201, or visit their website to learn more about their services.

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