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The Advantages of Storage Facilities That Offer Insurance March 9, 2018

Wilmington, New Hanover
The Advantages of Storage Facilities That Offer Insurance, Wilmington, North Carolina

If you’re looking at storage facilities in your area, one of the major factors you need to consider is insurance. Many self-storage facilities offer insurance as an add-on to their unit rentals, and some of the best provide insurance as a standard part of your rental package. This policy has several benefits for you as the renter.

Why Choose a Storage Company with Insurance?

1. Protects Your Belongings

Good storage facilities have measures in place to protect your belongings, including security systems and climate control. Even so, unexpected accidents can occur. If your property is damaged by a fire, is stolen, or suffers minor water damage, the insurance provided by your storage facility will cover the value of the items.

2. Convenient to Begin

Buying insurance for your stored belongings isn’t like shopping around for any other type of insurance. When you choose a storage facility, you’ll be presented with simple and straightforward insurance options, or you’ll receive coverage as part of the process of renting a unit. There’s no long search for a policy and no juggling different possibilities. Insuring your belongings at a storage facility is easy and convenient.

3. Clear Terms of Coverage

Storage FacilitiesIf your storage facility provides insurance on every unit as a matter of course, there should never be any confusion over whether your items are covered or under what terms. Your storage company should be able to offer you simple documentation explaining what’s covered — and if your policy ever does kick in, it will be clear that you are entitled to a payout.


As you consider storage options in your area, look for a facility which provides insurance as a standard part of its rental contract. This type of agreement protects you, is simple to initiate, and offers clear-cut coverage if the worst happens. Leland Self Storage offers Greater Wilmington, NC, a safe, climate-controlled storage option for your belongings. From simple five-by-five storage units to full-size storage facilities, they have space for everything you need to store. To rent a unit or for more information, contact them today at (910) 399-4719 or online.

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