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4 Typical Golf Club Repairs to Know About March 9, 2018

Garment District, Manhattan
4 Typical Golf Club Repairs to Know About, Manhattan, New York

Even the greatest golfers can find their game becomes limited by a club that is no longer right for them. Instead of buying a whole new set, minor adjustments can solve the issue. With some assistance from a golf club repair specialist like New York Golf Center, you can get back on top of your game. Here are several fixes the professionals can help you with. 

A Guide to Common Golf Club Repairs


After enough times passes, your grip will inevitably start to deteriorate — even while the club may remain in excellent condition. A grimy or torn grip can negatively affect your swing as your hands may become less uncomfortable, or something may feel “off.” To remedy the situation, you can have your club regripped so that brand-new material is added. 


golf club repairWhen your club is not following your lead, sometimes the culprit is a problematic shaft. This middle component may be too heavy for you, too light, or bent. Professionals can either replace it or correct any distortion through a golf club repair. 

Extending & Shortening

You may find that your club is the wrong size for you. In golf, even a minute measurement makes a world of difference, so it’s worth having customized equipment. With an extension, you can add length to your club; there are also options to shave off a few inches.

Lie & Loft

Since the lie and loft determine how the golf ball will make contact with your club, they play a tremendous role in the success of each swing. In some cases, the angles can be troublesome, resulting in frequent miscalculations and the need for overcorrections. By tweaking the head, you can gain much-needed control over your shot.

If you’re serious about improving your golf game or want to get to the bottom of a recent slump in your scores, have an expert examine your clubs. The next time you need a golf club repair or adjustment, head to New York Golf Center in New York, NY. Offering everything from golf club regripping to reshafting, the specialists will outfit you with equipment tailor-made to your game. To set up a consultation, just call (212) 564-0078. You can learn more about the golf center by visiting their website

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