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How to Plan for Your Water Well in 3 Steps March 9, 2018

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How to Plan for Your Water Well in 3 Steps, Bremerton, Washington

From cooking and cleaning to irrigating your property, well water has many practical applications and benefits. Wells are clean and dependable sources of water for your home, which is why more and more people are investing in them. Below, Coolwater Drilling, serving Shelton and Bremerton, WA, is here to help you plan the details for constructing your water well.

3 Steps for Getting Ready for Your Water Well

1. Get Any Necessary Permits

In certain states and municipalities, you may need permits to drill your well, even on private property. Get in touch with your local agencies to find out if you need official permission. Gather all of the necessary paperwork in case you run into any complaints or issues along the way. 

2. Determine How Much Water You’ll Need

water wellDepending on the number of people in your family and your specific routines, your household water volume needs may vary. In general, the average two- to four-person home requires about 150 to 300 gallons of water per day. As you develop an estimate, think about how much water you use for drinking, plumbing, cooking, and cleaning. 

3. Get a Well Drilling Quote

Perhaps most importantly, you should contact your local well drilling company, and ask them for a detailed estimate. Your quote should include itemized costs for prep work, drilling itself, and the final casing. This will keep your budget on target and prevent you from being surprised by hidden fees.

When you’re ready to equip your property with water well systems, Coolwater Drilling will provide you with a healthy water supply to your home. Serving both residential and commercial clients, they also offer pump repair and water testing services. Call (360) 830-9005 for Bremerton or (360) 426-3545 for Shelton, WA, today to schedule an appointment, and visit them online for more information. You can also keep up with them on Facebook.

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