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How to Use the New Paradise Men's Spa App for iPhone ® & iPad ® March 13, 2018

Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan
How to Use the New Paradise Men's Spa App for iPhone ® & iPad ®, Manhattan, New York

With a hectic work week, sometimes it’s hard to find time to pick up the phone and call for an appointment. To save you time, the talented team at New Paradise Men’s Spa in New York City wants to make learning about and booking their day spa services hassle-free and quick, so they created an easy-to-use app. Customers can access the new technology via their iPhone® or iPad® and use it for several functions.

4 Ways to Use the New Paradise Men’s Spa App

1. Create an Account

Make it easy to access the booking system at New Paradise Men’s Spa by creating an account. Simply set up a username and password, and you’ll have access to your personal day spa schedule and be able to leave reviews and learn about new services right from your phone or tablet.

2. Make an Appointment

day-spa-new-york-nySkip making a phone call to set an appointment time for your favorite day spa services. You can schedule a massage, facial, manicure, pedicure or hair removal with the simple touch of a few buttons. Sign in to your account, and then browse the “Appointments” tab where you can set a time that works with your schedule.

3. Leave a Review

When you leave the day spa, log into the app and leave a review of your experience. The New Paradise Men’s Spa staff love hearing how your relaxation sessions went and use your feedback to better their business offerings. 

4. Check Out What’s Hot

You can also read the spa’s blog and learn about upcoming products and new offerings on the app’s “What’s Hot” page. You can access it via the menu on the left-hand side. 

Booking services, leaving reviews, and hearing about new services has never been easier thanks to the new app from New Paradise Men’s Spa. To learn more about their self-care relaxation services, like massages and facials, check out the app or call (646) 559-1621. Visit the website for information on their many years of experience in the health and beauty industries and why they are honored to be the day spa of your choice.

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