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5 Amazing Reasons to Send Your Child to Sleepaway Camp March 9, 2018

Hancock, Addison
5 Amazing Reasons to Send Your Child to Sleepaway Camp, Hancock, Vermont

Heading off to sleepaway camp for the summer is a classic rite of passage for every child. Parents new to the tradition, however, may be unsure if the experience is right for their young one. With so many positive benefits applicable to kids of all backgrounds, sleepaway camp is a fantastic option for any parent looking for a fun and wholesome summer activity.

Why Kids Should Go to Sleepaway Camp

1. Engage in Physical Fitness

Instead of spending all their time in front of the TV or computer, sleepaway camp offers kids a fast-paced environment full of energetic activities. Campers can work up a sweat playing sports like soccer, tennis, and baseball, or learn new and exciting skills such as fencing and archery. If your child prefers a more rugged adventure, the grounds are ripe for exploration and hiking.

2. Foster Social Skills

sleepaway campBetween playing team sports, performing a play, and enjoying campfire time, sleepaway camp offers countless activities that are perfect for helping kids develop healthy social skills. Whether learning how to work as a team or experience healthy conflict resolution, the camp environment is rich with positive interaction and personal growth.

3. Unplug From Technology

Kids are inundated with technology every day. Sleepaway camp provides a relatively rare opportunity to unplug from social media, TV, and the internet as a whole and become immersed in the real world. Kids experience true interaction with peers instead of approximated interaction through a screen.

4. Develop Independence

Although sleepaway camp has many scheduled activities, there is also plenty of free time. This is perfect for helping kids develop a sense of independence and furthers healthy interactions with their peers. This unstructured time is also a valid stress-reliever. It gives kids a necessary break from the structure of school and competitive extracurricular activities.

5. Make Lasting Friendships

Sleepaway camp provides a fantastic bonding experience for kids of all ages. Between the activities, sports, campfires, songs, and loads of laughter, your children will quickly develop friendships with their campmates.


Camp Killoleet is the premier sleepaway camp for kids between the ages of nine and 14 in the Hancock, VT, area. Providing a balanced experience of both artistic and athletic endeavors, the camp gives kids the summer of a lifetime supervised by experienced and responsible counselors. For more information, call (802) 767-3152 or visit the website today.