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3 Signs of a Good First Date March 9, 2018

Greenway - Upper Kirby, Houston
3 Signs of a Good First Date, Houston, Texas

Whether you’ve recently met someone or used a matchmaking service to connect with a potential date, you’re probably planning to get together in person soon. A first date provides the opportunity to test your chemistry and explore shared interests and values. Even if you’re enjoying yourself, however, you may feel unsure about your companion’s feelings. Below are some telltale signs that your date is going well.

3 Signs Your First Date Is Going Well

1. Interesting Conversation

Communication is key to a long-lasting relationship. Even with first date nerves, you should feel at ease sharing preliminary thoughts and feelings with the other person. Likewise, if they are interested in you, you can expect to be asked questions about yourself. If the entire conversation on the date is one-sided, it’s a pretty good sign that it’s not a connection. 

2. Mutual Physical Contact

matchmakingMatchmaking is accurate, but it can’t predict physical attraction. When you have chemistry with someone, it will most likely result in a desire for contact. The level of physical contact you experience on a first date should be mutually consensual for both partners. If your date shows interest in light physical contact such as touching a hand or arm, they are likely interested in you, too.

3. Plans for Another Date

Throughout your date, one or both of you may make suggestions for future activities. If these ideas are met with enthusiasm, it’s a good sign that your companion wants to see you again. At the end of your time together, feel free to ask them to see you again. If not, let your matchmaking company know so they can set you up with someone else. 


First dates are fun and exciting, but they come with some understandable jitters. Luxe Matchmaking, based in Minneapolis, MN, can help you connect with potential partners for a smooth, refreshing first date that leads to a long-term relationship. The dating service has an 83% success rate for matching clients thanks to the personalized attention of a matchmaking professional. To sign up and possibly meet the love of your life, call (844) 822-5862 or visit them online.