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3 Signs of Workers' Compensation Fraud Claimants Should Avoid March 12, 2018

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3 Signs of Workers' Compensation Fraud Claimants Should Avoid, Rock Hill, South Carolina

Workers' compensation is a no-fault system that gives injured employees the resources and support they need to recover. However, mistakes can happen, and sometimes fraud occurs. Workers' comp boards keep a close eye on all incidents filed to try and stay ahead of potential issues. Below are a few telltale signs that could jeopardize a claim.

3 Signs of Workers' Compensation Fraud

1. The Timing of the Accident

After a workplace incident, you will have to complete an accident report with your employer. The document will include all the details of the case, like when and where the injury happened. The timing of what occurred can tell the workers' comp board a lot about your claim. For instance, accidents that happen first thing on Mondays, or take place on Friday but aren't reported until Monday, tend to raise more red flags than incidents that occur at other times of the week.

2. Changes to the Claimant's Employment

workers' compensationAnother sign of potential fraud is any significant change in the claimant's employment. If, for instance, you file your workers' compensation claim right before a layoff or strike, when a seasonal position is coming to a close, or when a large project concludes, it might look questionable to the board. Filing when your employment status is changing, for any reason, can often look like you're attempting to maintain a regular paycheck after your work has ended.

3. A Pre-Existing Condition

As part of the claims process, your medical records will likely be reviewed. There may be an issue with your case if they discover that you have a pre-existing condition similar to the injury for which you are pursuing compensation. For example, if you've had asthma all of your life but are claiming your breathing troubles are a direct result of your present work environment, the board will want to investigate that discrepancy further.


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