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3 Dental Procedures That Have Been Revolutionized by Laser-Assisted Dentistry March 13, 2018

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3 Dental Procedures That Have Been Revolutionized by Laser-Assisted Dentistry, Lincoln, Nebraska

If you get nervous about going to the dentist, it is important to remember that routine checkups and treatments are much better than they were twenty years ago — largely due to the power of laser-assisted dentistry. Today, dentists use lasers for everything from decay removal to gum contouring, speeding treatment times and improving outcomes. Here are three dental procedures that have been revolutionized because of dental lasers.

Dental Treatments That Use Lasers

1. Dental Fillings 

Instead of using undercuts in the teeth to hold silver amalgam fillings in place, many dentists have made the transition to offering tooth-colored fillings made with composite resins. After decay has been removed from the teeth, dentists pipe resins into place and cure it with a special dental laser, allowing the material to bond microscopically with dental enamel. 

2. Teeth Whitening 

laser-assisted dentistryDentists can also use lasers to activate special whitening gels applied to the teeth, making it possible for patients to enjoy teeth that are several shades brighter in one visit. Dentists can also use these focused lasers to lighten gum tissue, giving the smile a healthy, even appearance.

3. Gum Disease Treatment

One of the most exciting applications of laser-assisted dentistry is a procedure called LANAP, which involves using a small periodontal probe to eliminate bacteria from gingival pockets. LANAP helps to remove diseased tissue and bacteria from around the tooth sockets, allowing gums to grow. This procedure has proven to be safe and effective for patients with moderate to severe periodontal disease since it also helps protect healthy tissue.


Long gone are the days when you feel nervous about the various traditional tools you used to see at the dentist’s office. Whether you want to have your overgrown gums trimmed back or you are thinking about teeth whitening, speak with the professionals at Genrich Family Dentistry about laser-assisted dentistry. With years of experience and state-of-the-art dental tools proven to be safe for patients, you can enjoy a cleaner, healthier smile in less time. To learn more about these exciting new technologies, visit Genrich Family Dentistry online or call (402) 466-2211 to book an appointment. 

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