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A Brief History of Aerial Photography March 9, 2018

Glennon Heights, Northeast Jefferson
A Brief History of Aerial Photography, Northeast Jefferson, Colorado

Thanks to modern technology, aerial photography is an attainable option when documenting festivities. By positioning cameras at great heights, viewers have the opportunity to see their environment and special events from new and dynamic angles. If you’re curious about this type of photography, below is a brief history of it. 

How Were Overhead Photographs First Taken?

The first pieces of aerial photography were captured in the nineteenth century. Photographer and balloon enthusiast Gaspard-Felix Tournachon is credited with snapping the first bird’s-eye view photo by tethering his camera to a balloon. A few decades later, another French photographer named Arthur Batut revolutionized the practice of kite aerial photography or KAP where he fastened a timer, camera, and fuse to a kite. In the early 20th century, aerial cameras that were lightweight and easy to attach to kites, balloons, and even pigeons were used for commercial purposes, land mapping, and to assist with military efforts. 

What Does Modern Aeriel Photography Look Like?

Aerial PhotographyNowadays, many modern wedding photographers and landscape photographers utilize drones to capture overhead shots. With the help of special apps and cameras connected to smartphones, the user can see what the drone sees and snap stunning photos while remaining safely on the ground. While it’s common to take the bird’s-eye approach in commercial photography and to highlight a resort, office building, or picturesque view, drones are also being utilized to create comprehensive and unique photo albums of special occasions and sporting events. 


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