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3 Scenarios Perfect for Multi-Zone Cooling & Heating March 13, 2018

Charleston, Staten Island
3 Scenarios Perfect for Multi-Zone Cooling & Heating, Staten Island, New York

When it comes to cooling and heating your home, it can be more complicated than simply switching on the HVAC system. Often, homes contain zones that retain heat or cold air much better than others. That’s why companies like Mitsubishi Electric® have created their cutting-edge multi-zone cooling and heating technology. But to understand all of its benefits, take a look at some of the ideal scenarios for such a system.

3 Ideal Scenarios for Multi-Zone Cooling & Heating 

1. Older Homes Where Ductwork Can’t Be Installed

If you’ve got a home that’s older than 60 years, or just a particularly old building, then installing ductwork for a central air conditioning and heating system might be complicated—it also might be prohibited due to local ordinances where you live. But investing in a multi-zone cooling and heating system will ensure all of your home receives the heating and cooling services it needs. 

2. Homes With Multi-Levels 

multi-zone-coolingOne common problem homeowners who live in a home with two or more levels have is that it can take an extended period for your home to reach your desired temperature. Additionally, because heat rises, areas on the top floors will often be much hotter than those down below. But a multi-zone unit will help you avoid such a scenario, as it allows you to install ductless AC components in key problem areas, giving you much greater control over your home’s temperature. 

3. Hard to Heat Rooms 

Another advantage of heating and cooling your home with one of Mitsubishi Electric’s multi-zone systems is that it eliminates rooms that are too hot or too cold due to insulation issues. That means homeowners who have bedrooms in the attic that are sweltering during summertime will finally be able to easily regulate their temperature. If you want to make the most out of every room in the house, multi-zone cooling and heating is ideal. 


If you’ve been looking for a new HVAC system that will give you great control and more efficiency, the Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractors™ from Breezin HVAC in Staten Island, NY, can equip your home with today’s latest heating and cooling technology. Whether you need a ductless system or custom cooling services, their knowledgeable staff will help you find an affordable solution. Call them today at (718) 761-2700 to learn more about what they do, or visit them online for an extensive list of services. 

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