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5 Ways You Can Reduce Swelling Related to Foot Pain & Other Injuries March 9, 2018

Maplewood, Rochester
5 Ways You Can Reduce Swelling Related to Foot Pain & Other Injuries, Rochester, New York

After an injury, joints or the afflicted area will often swell. This is especially common when it comes to foot injuries. If you’re dealing with foot pain, the team at Orthopaedic Associates of Rochester in Monroe County, NY, knows just what steps you should take to reduce swelling and pain. Below, they list some common steps you can take to alleviate some of the inflammation.

Foot Pain Got You Down? Reduce Swelling With These 5 Methods

1. Applying Pressure

Applying pressure to an injury restricts the flow of blood, which in turn reduces swelling. Bandages are a good method for compressing an injured body part, but it’s important to ensure you don’t apply too much pressure and cause further damage.

2. Rest

foot painYou should also refrain from using an injured body part until swelling has subsided. If you’re experiencing foot pain due to an injury, continuing to use the injured foot will only cause swelling to increase as blood flow will only exacerbate existing damage. A few days’ rest is usually sufficient for moderate injuries.

3. Medicine

Certain medications can reduce swelling while also providing relief from pain. NSAIDs are anti-inflammatory medications, including things like ibuprofen, that can help sports injuries and conditions such as arthritis.

4. Elevation

Elevating the injured body part is another effective way to decrease the flow of blood, thereby reducing swelling. When elevating an injury, be sure the body part is raised above your heart for the best results. You can prop up legs using pillows, which is good for treating injuries during sleep.

5. Ice

Icing an injury can also help keep swelling under control. When applying things like ice packs, it’s best to only use this therapy for 20 minutes at a time. However, ice can be applied at several times throughout the day to provide relief from swelling.

From treatments for chronic foot pain to hip replacement surgery, the team at Orthopaedic Associates of Rochester in Monroe County provides advanced technology and treatments to help patients get back on their feet. Learn more about this esteemed New York clinic by calling (585) 723-3000 today. You can also visit their website for a complete listing of their health services.

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