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Taking a Vacation? 3 Plumbing Issues Winterizing Helps You Avoid September 4, 2018

Voluntown, New London
Taking a Vacation? 3 Plumbing Issues Winterizing Helps You Avoid, Voluntown, Connecticut

Winter vacations are perfect for bonding with family and friends away from home. While some people assume they can simply lock up and hit the road, there is more that must be done to minimize the impact of cold weather on your property. Winterizing the plumbing and sewer line is a vital step to take before traveling.

Below are three issues that might occur if you choose to forgo winterizing:

  • Frozen Pipes: Without proper insulation, pipes are exposed to extremely cold weather and are prone to freezing. When frozen for long periods, this can lead to rapid expansion and contraction, which weakens the pipes and makes them susceptible to cracking. Winterizing calls for wrapping them in heavy insulation and covering parts exposed to the elements in a tarp or old towels. 
  • winterizingBusted Sewer Lines: Before you leave on a winter vacation, turn off the water line and drain all faucets and sewer lines. Removing moisture from these tubes will ensure there is no remaining water inside that can freeze and cause expansion. After you’ve shut off the water line in your home, turn on every faucet to let the residual water drain out.
  • Clogged Drains: Clogged drains are especially threatening during the winter time as they can prevent water and waste from passing through, eventually creating a dangerous amount of pressure in your pipes. If you’ve been dealing with any minor clogs or backups in the weeks before your departure, call a plumber to remove the blockage before leaving. 


Are you a resident of Voluntown, CT, gearing up for a vacation? If so, call McGuire Plumbing & Heating before you go. For 30 years, we have been the community’s most trusted name in everything from plumbing repairs and winterizing to full bathroom remodeling. With a strong reputation for transparency and honest business practices, you can trust that you’re getting a fair quote and quality results. For more help, contact us online or by phone at (860) 376-3388.

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