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Should You Go Rare or Well-Done at a Steakhouse? March 8, 2018

Crossville, Cumberland
Should You Go Rare or Well-Done at a Steakhouse?, Crossville, Tennessee

Whether you’re just beginning to experiment with the world of steak or are a cultured carnivore, understanding the nuances of steak preparation can help make for the most enjoyable experience possible. To help prepare you for your next visit to the steakhouse, Gondola Pizza and Steak House has shared a helpful guide to selecting a steak that best suits your personal taste.

Is Rare or Well-Done Best for Your Steakhouse Experience?


If you appreciate the center of a steak cooked rare, top sirloin is your best option. A generally acquired taste preferred by steak connoisseurs, a rare steak is warm through the middle, lightly charred, browned around the edges, and bright red in the middle. This lean cut of meat can become tough if overcooked, so it shouldn’t be prepared past medium doneness.


steakhouseIf you’re looking for a more thoroughly-cooked steak but don’t want to venture into full-on medium territory, medium rare is the steak for you. With a mostly pink center, a medium rare steak is a favorite among chefs, and should be warm through the middle, well-browned on the sides, and caramelized with grill marks. Examples of steaks that are best prepared medium rare include Rib Eye and New York Strip Steak.


If you’re looking to take it up a notch from medium-rare but don’t want a well-done steak, medium is what you’re looking for. Rich and in brown color with a charred top and bottom, this steak should feel firm to the touch — though it should still offer some flexibility. As the name suggests, a medium cooking style typically represents the happy medium for a large group.


Well-done is the least requested preparation for steak. However, for those who appreciate a well-done cut of meat, the key is to prepare it slowly on a low setting. This prevents burning while allowing the steak to cook through to the middle.

You don't have to be an expert to enjoy a premium cut of meat; these tips will help you choose the best way to enjoy your desired cut. If you’re looking to indulge in a delicious steak dinner, look no further than Gondola Pizza and Steak House in Crossville, TN. For over 40 years, this family-owned and -operated steakhouse has served Cumberland County everything from juicy steaks and specialty pizzas to fresh, delicious Greek food. To make a reservation, call them today at (931) 484-7647 or visit their website to view their full menu.

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