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Easter Celebrations at McGill Child Development Center March 8, 2018

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Easter Celebrations at McGill Child Development Center, Concord, North Carolina

Easter is approaching quickly, and McGill Child Development Center has a range of festivities planned to get all their students excited about this special holiday. The Concord, NC-based child care center has developed age-appropriate activities, so all the children they care for can participate in the fun and excitement. Whether you have a six-week-old baby or a five-year-old attending their half-day day care services, they have fun activities for everyone.

Here are the four activities included in this year’s Easter festivities:

  • child care centerBonnet Parade: The Easter bonnet parade began in New York City and became a fixture in popular culture after Irving Berlin sang, “In your Easter bonnet with all the frills upon it, you’ll be the grandest lady in the Easter parade.”
  • Easter Egg Hunt: No Easter celebration is complete without an egg hunt. The child care center will put them in easy-to-find and challenging areas, so kids of all ages can participate, and they’ll be filled with age-appropriate prizes.
  • Arts & Crafts: Arts and craft time will give the children opportunities to get creative with their interpretation of the meaning of the holiday. Make room on the outside of your fridge to display the masterpieces they’ll bring home with them.
  • Dying Easter Eggs: Not only is it a fun activity, but Easter eggs also provide the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the resurrection of Jesus in the cracking of the hard shell. The vibrant spring colors are also symbolic of rebirth.

As a Christian-based child care center, they’ll incorporate the special meaning of Easter into each activity. This instills in children an understanding that the holiday is about more than bunnies, eggs, and candy. You’ll find their commitment to each child’s development, growth, and spirituality in each of these activities, along with everything else they do.

If you have questions about any of the Easter activities they have planned or want to know how you can help with the celebration, call the child care center at (704) 786-6015 or contact them online. You can also like the Facebook page for important updates about their child development classes, hours, enrollment, and other information.

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