King of Prussia, Pennsylvania
140 Allendale Rd, Suite #240
King Of Prussia, PA 19406
(610) 510-2094

ABCs of Experimac King of Prussia March 7, 2018

King of Prussia, Montgomery County
ABCs of Experimac King of Prussia, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania


We’re all Apple, all the time. We specialize in apple products in order to best serve our customers.

Buy Back Booth

The Buy Back Booth allows customers the options of selling their phones to either us or the buy back booth. While we only accept apple products, buy back booth will buy all types of phones and tablets

Cell Helmet

Cell Helmet, as seen on ABCs Shark Tank, is one of our favorite brands of cellphone and tablet protection. They make our favorite product, liquid glass!


Apple desktops, also known as iMacs are all over the store


Since we specialize in Apple products, we know them like the back of our hands. We are apple experts!


Financing is available for Apple devices.


At Experimac King of Prussia, we will help you find the perfect device for your needs. 


We won’t try guide you to the higher price device, just to get you to spend more  money. We are honest with our customers, and if the cheaper computer is the better option for your needs we will tell you!


One of our top selling products is iPads, lately we just can’t keep them on the shelves!

Jobs, Steve

Apple’s founder, and our inspiration.

King of Prussia Mall

Located just across the street from the King of Prussia Mall, Experimac King of Prussia has a great location!

Liquid Glass

Cell Helmet Liquid Glass is our favorite form of screen protection! All of the employees have it on their phones.


MacBooks are Apple’s laptops and our most popular device sold.


Nick is our Apple whisperer. He works miracles repairing all different Apple devices every day.

Otter Box

Another one of our favorite companies for cellphone and tablet protection!


We carry the Apple Pencil for out iPad Pros!


The quality of Apple computers is unbeatable. We use that quality to our advantage by selling certified pre-owned devices at a affordable price than when they are brand new.


We repair all Apple devices, even those “too old” for a certain store in the mall to repair.


In addition repairing Apple products, we also sell them certified pre-owned, because we believe everyone should have access to Apple products.


One of the most common ways we sell Apple products is when people trade in their older Apple device for a newer version. Trades come in all shapes and sizes, from an iMac for a MacBook, to two iPhones for an iMac!


Experimac King of Prussia is unique because no other computer repair store specializes in repairing and selling pre-owned Apple products.


If you own a vintage computer, 2010 or older, it’s hard to find people who will fix it at a reasonable rate, some stores even just turn vintage computers away. At Experimac King of Prussia, we try to fix every device that comes through the door, no matter how old it is.


All devices that leave our store have a warranty. Our certified pre-owned devices each have a warranty of 1 year, and all our repairs have a 90 day warranty.

X- iPhone X

We have an iPhone X in stock!


Yosemite is one of Apple’s OS updates.

Zero Credit Needed

Of our financing options, one has no credit needed.

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