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3 Ways Physical Therapy Helps With Whiplash March 8, 2018

Warsaw, Wyoming
3 Ways Physical Therapy Helps With Whiplash, Warsaw, New York

If you recently experienced whiplash, you may have uncomfortable symptoms in your neck, back, arms, or legs. These include neck pain, headache, stiffness, and dizziness. Physical therapy will eliminate these issues while improving your quality of life. Explore the advantages of seeing a physical therapist for rehabilitation in the sections below. 

Top Physical Therapy Benefits for Whiplash 

1. Symptom Relief 

Physical TherapyWhiplash most commonly occurs during car accidents and while playing contact sports. The injuries that result from whiplash cause significant tension, spasms, and pressure in your neck, back, and limbs. A physical therapist will help you relieve these symptoms with a series of helpful strategies.

These include immobilization techniques like rest and a cervical collar. Additional treatments include cold therapy, massage, and ultrasound. This combination reduces pain and stiffness, so your body can begin to heal itself. 

2. Restorative Care 

When you are ready for restorative care, a physical therapist will use heat therapy to increase blood flow and nutrients to the neck muscles. This treatment helps the affected tissue heal faster. You will also learn exercises for strengthening the neck and back to restore the spine to its original health. Other restorative techniques include posture correction, diet recommendations, and ergonomics education. 

3. Function 

When you first suffer from whiplash, you may have problems moving your neck. Your rehabilitation professional will evaluate your mobility at an initial appointment and monitor progress along the way. In addition, they will teach you a series of customized stretches and activities to improve your spinal function. Repeating these exercises at home and in the clinic will allow the neck, back, and shoulder muscles to loosen. 


The effects of whiplash can make life uncomfortable. Step By Step Physical Therapy in Warsaw, NY, will eliminate your symptoms and help restore mobility to the neck and spine. To make an appointment for physical therapy, call (585) 786-8700. For information about their sports injury and pain management services, visit their website

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