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3 Situations That Call for an HVAC Contractor's Help March 8, 2018

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3 Situations That Call for an HVAC Contractor's Help, Union, Ohio

Most people don’t think about the demands placed on heating and cooling equipment until they notice a decrease in interior comfort or an increase in energy costs. Although routine HVAC maintenance will prevent many issues, regular wear and tear can lead to equipment inefficiencies. To restore system quality and performance, know which scenarios may require you to enlist help from an HVAC contractor. 

3 Times to Call an HVAC Contractor for Help 

1. Smoke Is Coming from Equipment

HVAC-maintenanceIf you see or smell smoke coming from heating and cooling equipment, the first call to make is to the local fire department. Next, contact an HVAC contractor. If equipment is salvageable, they will let you know why it malfunctioned and what HVAC maintenance steps to take to prevent future issues. If incompatible wiring, power surges, or damaged circuits are to blame, they will navigate options to find the safest replacement equipment for your space.

2. Suspicious Commotion Coming from Equipment

Your furnace or air conditioner will never be as quiet as a mouse, but that doesn’t mean you should hear a loud commotion either. If the soft hum is replaced by grinding, banging, or screeching sounds, call an HVAC maintenance and repair technician for help. The inner components of equipment work together to cool or heat your space. If one or several parts are broken or damaged, they will most likely snap out of place or bump into other parts when the appliance is running. 

3. Poor or Nonexistent Airflow

If it seems like rooms are never warm or cool enough, no matter how much the thermostat is adjusted, there is most likely an airflow problem with the HVAC system. If you don’t notice anything blocking vents, the issue probably lies somewhere in the ductwork or internal mechanism. A technician will give the system a complete HVAC inspection, looking for clogs in air filters, gaps in ducts, damaged blower fans and burners, and any other areas of concern. They will pinpoint the source of the air circulation problems. 


Working with HVAC maintenance equipment can be dangerous in inexperienced hands, which is why you should leave it to the licensed and insured HVAC technicians at Advanced Heating Cooling and Refrigeration in Union, OH, to help. With an A rating from the Better Business Bureau®, the contractor is equipped to tend to your residential or commercial heating and cooling needs. They’ll also provide tips to prevent problems down the line. Visit the company online for special offers, and call (937) 654-2276 to schedule a service appointment in the greater Miami Valley area.

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