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How Creating a Memorial for the Deceased Helps the Family Heal March 9, 2018

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How Creating a Memorial for the Deceased Helps the Family Heal, Le Roy, New York

Whether sudden or expected, the death of a loved one will have a lasting impact on the surviving family and friends. Although the loss will always be felt, creating a memorial to honor the departed can help mourners shift their feelings from grief to fond remembrance. Whether you decide to plant a tree or craft a monument, below is a brief explanation as to how memorializing the deceased will help those they loved heal. 

Why Creating a Memorial for the Deceased Helps Survivors Cope With Loss 

Makes Death Tangible

The thought of losing someone close is devastating. Naturally, when it happens, many choose to bottle up feelings and avoid talking about the death. Creating a tangible memorial, such as a monument or grave marker, will help the surviving family come to terms with what happened. Once they start to acknowledge emotions, they can begin the healing process.   

Shifts Focus

If the loved one lived in the home or was a regular fixture in the household, the lack of their physical presence can be difficult for the family. Creating a memorial everyone can visit will shift focus from the fact they are no longer here to the fond memories of when they were.  

Helps Families Cope During Holidays

monumentThe holidays are particularly tough for those mourning the loss of a family member. The deceased probably participated in several family gatherings during the holidays—by creating a memorial for the departed, it helps the family cope with their grief during the holidays. Visiting the memorial to honor the loved one can become a common practice during the holiday season. 


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