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The Difference Between Unleaded Gas & Premium Gas, Explained September 4, 2018

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The Difference Between Unleaded Gas & Premium Gas, Explained, Lynne, Wisconsin

In the 1900s, all gas contained lead. The highly toxic heavy metal was removed from fuel starting in the 1970s, yet unleaded gas was not standard until the 1990s. As unleaded gas became the norm, fuel improvements resulted in the development of premium gas. Both unleaded and premium gas are highly flammable crude oil byproducts. If you are wondering which is best for your vehicle, it’s worth first understanding the differences between the two.

What Is the Difference Between Premium & Unleaded Gas?


unleaded gasRegular unleaded gas remains the most commonly used vehicle fuel on the planet. It features an octane rating of 87, which refers to improper engine combustion capability. Internal combustion engines create controlled explosions by compressing air and fuel mixtures; however, if the mixture ignites prematurely, it creates a clunking or knocking sound. Frequent knocking causes engine wear and tear. Unleaded gas burns quickly and is well-suited to low-performance cars or low-compression engines.


Premium gas is also unleaded. It burns slowly and contains detergent additives such as corrosion inhibitors for reducing metal corrosion and oxygenators for decreasing carbon monoxide emissions. Premium is subsequently more eco-friendly than unleaded gas, as it features fewer pollutants. The fuel has an average octane rating of 90, although this number varies by state. Premium octane levels are designed for high-performance vehicles such as sports cars.

What Your Vehicle Needs

Determine the best fuel for your vehicle by reviewing your owner’s manual. If you drive a high-performance vehicle, it is usually best to stick with premium because you can take full advantage of the car’s or truck’s horsepower. However, you can still drive with both types of gas to see if there is a noticeable difference. If you hear that familiar clunking sound, your vehicle needs premium gas. “Regular” or “low-performance” vehicles do not require this option; in fact, they cannot make efficient use of the higher octane. There is also the increased expense to consider. Unless you have a high-performance vehicle, unleaded gas works fine.


If an upcoming trip requires driving over rough terrain, you may want to use premium gas. Tri-Mart BP provides drivers throughout Tripoli, WI, with high-quality diesel and unleaded gas in addition to serving as a convenience store and truck stop. Call (715) 564-2440 or visit the website to learn more about this station’s many services. Like the Facebook page for the latest specials and event news.

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