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3 Important Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair March 8, 2018

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3 Important Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair, Coweta, Oklahoma

During an Oklahoma summer, an air conditioner makes life bearable. For comfort's sake, it's important to stay current on air conditioning repair and maintenance, or you could find yourself facing days or weeks without a way to cool down. To help you identify problems as soon as possible and avoid a breakdown, County Line Heating & Air Conditioning, the most trusted HVAC repair service in Coweta, OK, offers the following signs you need air conditioning repair. If you notice these symptoms, take action immediately.

3 Important Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair

1. Weak Airflow

Weak airflow means something is wrong with your air conditioner, but the solution could be as simple as replacing the air filter. An old filter clogged with dirt could cause constricted airflow and make cooling your home more difficult. However, if a new filter does not improve the situation, contact an HVAC contractor. The problem could be a failing compressor, which is more serious.

2. Leaking or Pooling Moisture

Air conditioning repairIf your air conditioner is leaking moisture, or if you spot a pool of liquid around the compressor unit, the cause is likely either a clogged condensate line, which is minor, or leaking refrigerant, which is considerably more serious. To unclog the condensate drain, suck out any debris or obstructions with an industrial vacuum, and pour a cup of bleach down the line to clear away any mold or algae growth. If this does not clear up the moisture problem, call an HVAC repair professional to inspect the coolant lines for leaks. Keep pets away from this moisture because refrigerant is toxic.

3. Unusual Odors or Sounds

When all is in order, your air conditioner should operate quietly and without odors. If you notice strange smells or sounds, there could be a problem. For instance, screeching or squealing noises could indicate a bad belt or a fan obstruction. Musty odors could indicate mold growth, while a smell of burnt plastic could mean the wiring is overloaded, which can melt insulation.

To schedule air conditioning repair with a dependable professional, contact County Line Heating & Air Conditioning, the premier HVAC contractor in Coweta, OK. For more than 35 years, they have brought top-notch service to customers throughout Tulsa and Wagoner Counties. Call (918) 455-3463 today to make an appointment.

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