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The Difference Between Down & Feather Pillows June 5, 2018

Mason, Warren
The Difference Between Down & Feather Pillows, Mason, Ohio

Nothing beats a great night’s sleep. While your mattress is an important factor in achieving this, pillows are equally crucial. You have many options to choose from, including down and feather pillows. But how do they differ? Below is a brief guide so you can decide which is best for you.  

Feather Pillows

Feather pillows are made with the wing and back feathers of geese. Though these feathers are soft, they feature a strong and supportive quill with stiffer feathering up and down the length. This allows them to withstand heavy weight without breaking down easily. Though the feathers are more rigid, they still provide a soft yet supportive feel to the pillow, making it ideal for individuals who are used to firm fiberfill or who desire additional support for their neck and shoulders.

Down Pillows

Feather PillowsDown pillows are primarily made of down, which is the soft undercoat beneath geese’s stiff outer feathers. Down traps air and gives the pillow the loft or cushion you expect. Since it is so soft and light, it takes considerably more material to make a supportive pillow. The strength and firmness of these products are determined by the fill power. Pillows with higher fill power have larger down clusters than those with lower fill power, giving them a more supportive feel. Keep in mind that lower fill doesn’t mean the pillow is necessarily low-quality—it just implies the down clusters themselves are smaller.


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